Thursday, June 5, 2008

Food Cravings!

We all experience food cravings at times in our life. When you are dieting, stressed or lacking sleep you may notice your cravings for unhealthy foods, increase.

Food cravings are a direct reflection or sign of hormonal imbalance caused by a lack of healthy nutrition.

Serotonin is our feel-good hormone. If we are overwhelmed or sad, our serotonin and or blood sugar levels are low. The brain will signal that it needs a pick-me-up. This signal will create a sugar craving or carbohydrate craving. The same goes for when you are under a lot of stress or aren't getting enough sleep. Your body will give off a signal that makes you feel like you need sugar but this is where it's important to be in tune with your body and give it what it really needs. Most of us find comfort in food and when we are not feeling like ourselves, not knowingly, we turn to food to "fix" us.

If you cut too much fat out of your diet, you make the problem worse; especially if you've been doing it for years. A low fat, high carbohydrate diet puts you at risk of being insulin resistant - meaning that your body stops responding to insulin. In return, you risk becoming overweight, tired and depressed. Your body will take all the energy you eat and store it in your cells as fat but you'll always feel unsatisfied. Your food cravings will become stronger than ever and you'll find yourself grabbing unhealthy snacks to fix your feelings of discomfort.

The more you feed into your cravings the more you'll be led into a downward spiral!

When you are in tune with your body which also involves eating a clean diet, you will not have food cravings for unhealthy foods. Instead, your body will tell you what you may be lacking and you'll crave whole, nutritious foods that will give your body the support and energy it needs to feel good.

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